Funky new features is not a good reason to get Salesforce.n…

Funky new features is not a good reason to get Salesforce.

Although I admit, there are some features that are so downright sexy… 😍 However, I digress.

If you do not know your Why, you won’t be successful.

Why do you want to implement a CRM system?

Is it to improve efficiencies of your business processes such as
– preparing reports,
– finding information
– Consolidating data

Or to reduce opportunity costs
– lower sales cycle
– reduce cost of customer acquisition
– lower sales rep turnover

Or increase revenue
– not miss a hot lead
– increase value of deal size
– increasing upsell & cross sell

You really need to do some digging and figure out the Why.

Marrying that person so that you can use his private jets for your exotic trips and amazing social media posts is like getting Salesforce because of the amazing dashboards that you’ve learned on Trailhead.

Dig little deeper, and make sure your reasons are based on real substance and needs in order to ensure a #CRMCustomerSuccess story.

Although, I am not ashmed to admit that my 🍩 obsession is 100% shallow 😁


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