A beautiful new swimming pool in a hotel is not successful i…

A beautiful new swimming pool in a hotel is not successful if no one is using it.

“It’s too cold.”
“The bottom feels too slippy.”

Similarly, a new system is not successful if nobody wants to use it.

You will never be able to drive business value if your users aren’t using it, or using it poorly.

If you don’t adopt a strong change management programme at the get go, you wont be able to involve, engage and enthuse your users.

It’s only when you get champions, that you can persuade the general user base to see the benefits they can get excited about using it. 🤩

Using best practices, you’ll see
– improvement in data quality
– efficiencies materialise
– increase in tangible cost savings, and
– rise in intangible morale boost.

All this will translate into Real Business Value.

Sure, you can strong arm your users into doing what you say, if you practice an autocratic leadership style.

However, waving the Stick around and commanding the troops to obey won’t get you very far.

One of the key criteria of a successful CRM implementation is User Adoption.

Ignore it at your peril.

I’ve seen “successful go-lives” come to nought when six months later, the system is ripped out and rolled back due to the massive rebellion and back lash. (It was probably the worst case I’ve seen, but there were a lot of other factors at play too).

You want your CRM implementation story to be a successful one.

Don’t get carried away by the exciting technology and forget the People part of this whole equation.

It can make or break your implementation.


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