How did out of date apps like ‘Netscape Communicator’ and ‘M…

How did out of date apps like ‘Netscape Communicator’ and ‘Mozilla Mail’ get referenced as ‘modern’ in the Brexit deal?

Sounds like a copy & paste job that escaped review and proofreading.

I have some sympathy though – this is a very complex deal, rushed through at the last minute by those at the top, leaving very little time for a team of people to put the text together for presentation to parliament.

There’s a lot of hate going around in social media, but please aim it at the right source, not the people who had to write them all up.

It matters though, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

Some would think that I am a bit over-the-top when I note
– c&p errors
– misalignment in styling
– poor bullets, verb usage on lists
– change in tense or from active to passive

… just some of the clues and giveaways to a document that has had many cooks probably doing a hatchet cut & paste job.

In the Consulting, everything you do needs to speak of quality.
The care with which you craft your emails, the attention to detail in your documents, the elegance of the solultion you provide.

I can tell when someone has slipshod mentality.
If it’s someone on my team, I will have a quiet word.
If it’s not – then I am alerted to check and make sure corners are not cut.

And that’s the problem with the Brexit agreement.
Something this convoluted and complex really needed a lot of time, not only to digest, to identify all the risks and hammer out the details, but also to get it right.

Leaving it at the 11th hour just shows how badly planned this is.

I guess it’s now a matter of time to see how this story unfolds.


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