Bid response, Proposals, Solution documents.nnThese are ju…

Bid response, Proposals, Solution documents.

These are just some of the documents that may need more than one person to pull it off properly.

Flor these documents to look professional, you need a bid manager, a project manager, or a team leader to ensure that these documents don’t look like they’ve been mashed together by different people.

Otherwise the resulting output could look like projectile vomit and it won’t smell very good either, especially if you’re responding as a Consulting Partner.

My team sometimes grumble at the quality layer that I insist on, when doing these sorts of things. I don’t mind doing.

In my opinion, if I cannot be bothered to do a good job by
– designing the format and style of the document so that it can be read and digested easily,
– using clear language
– providing appropriate supporting illustrations,
– outlining insightful findings logically
– laying out strong arguments

in order to logically supporting the recommendations…

Then why would anyone think I’m any good at implementing great systems for you?

Let your standards speak for themselves.
Unless you’re talking about ironing.
I don’t think it’s worth ironing bedding when it’s all going to be crumpled again.
There I’ve said it #DontJudgeMe 😁


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