What do you do when your company sells a project that is woe…

What do you do when your company sells a project that is woefully underestimated, promising the client would have an amazing product with a high quality delivery within a crazy timeframe?

And that it’s you who have to make it all happen?

If the Sales team have promised “Good, Cheap and Fast” at point of sale, and we are _contractually_ bound to deliver them, then I’d have to use have to pull out my secret weapon!

I’d use bribery, charm and flattery as well as persuasive arguments to convince my company that we’d have to absorb the additional costs of putting more resources on the project to deliver our contractual obligations.

That’s the cost of making promises you can’t easily keep.

The preferred option is to ‘extract’ that cost from the commission that was made on that Opportunity, hitting the pocket hard.

Or maybe the company would prefer to cross their fingers and hope they won’t have to absorb the fall-out from trying to rush things and compromising quality?

If humble pie is to be eaten, then I make sure that the Sales exec responsible for the sale, along with someone on the Exec team are with me when we have to speak to the client about a Change Order for more time to get things done properly.

What I will _not_ do, is to force myself and my team to work nights and weekend to compensate for someone else’s greed.

If my company insists that I do that, then I’d think about whether this is the kind of company I’d want to work for.

The law is the law is the law.

You can try to force a big pudgy foot into a dainty glass slipper.
It might work (for a short while).
But it promises to be excruciatingly painful and could involve blood and glass shards.

Just bloody painful.


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