When estimating requirements, you need to remember the ‘non-…

When estimating requirements, you need to remember the ‘non-functional requirements’ as well, especially around testing.
– End-to-end
– Integration (PtP or middleware)
– Data migration
– Payment processing
– Performance (penetration and volume testing)

Would this be ‘in-sprint’ or ‘in-iteration’ or will there be a block at the end of build?

How about deployment of build, how many environments will the build be promoted through until Production?

Will there be any need for part time support of specialists, like:
– Technical Architect
– Change Manager
– Governance Manager

And Project Management – depending on the size of the project, PM might range from 15% of total estimation, right up to a full-time requirement.

How much Testing and Project Management time will depend on the complexity and risk level of the implementation.

This is where it pays to pay attention to risks, and make sure they are articulated in a RAID log even at this stage of the sales process, as it will carry through to delivery.

Sadly, it’s the Testing and PM time that is frequently axed from the estimation, which does not generally bode well for the project moving forward.

Don’t do it.

It’s like cutting off your Big Toe because it doesn’t look like it is useful in any tangible way, other than look great in sandals.

You’ll find out (painfully), that you needed it to walk properly.
Yes, I am like your Big Toe.
Respect the Big Toe.
For we deserve Respect*. 😎

I am talking about PMs and QA who are good at what they do.
The sub-par ones spoil it for the rest of us.
And that makes me sad.😕


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