What do you do when you’ve been engaged on a new consulting …

What do you do when you’ve been engaged on a new consulting project, and you can see that the client’s in trouble?

Perhaps there doesn’t seem to be a clear business case.
Or internal politics and in-fighting becomes apparent.
Or there is fear that mass layoffs are rumoured.

Environment can become stressful, and you have a strong feeling that the project will not be successful.

You can see that they won’t fix their problems by putting in the new fancy CRM system, because the issues are much deeper than that.
Most of the time, it’s a people issue.

Leadership team that isn’t aligned with personality clash, and private agendas.
Or you know that the new Sales Director will immediately rip out that CRM and put in something else as soon as you’ve ‘gone-live’.
Or the level of distrust and apathy is so high, that it makes your job incredibly difficult.

What do you do?
You do not get involved in internal politics any way.

You remain professional.
You do your job to the best of your abilities.
You escalate to your Project Manager when you cannot.

These are ‘character-building’ projects that you will definitely encounter, if you stay in the Consulting business long enough.

Put your game face on, and take this as a learning experience.
Push through, even though it might be difficult.

That’s how you grow, both as a person and as a professional.
The next project could be the fun, exciting one we’ve been waiting for!


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