Communiction is _so_ important.nIt’s not just knowing the l…

Communiction is _so_ important.
It’s not just knowing the language.
It’s the study of nuance and context.
It’s the study of what lies beneath.

When someone sends an emotional message, I look at:
– whether cultural difference between the sender and myself might give rise to mis-interpretation
– whether their state of mind could have dictated the words they’ve written down
– whether they’ve made any assumptions about the things I should have known
– a whole lot of other factors.

When someone raises a case for the support desk, they can be in an emotional state – things are not working as expected.
Sometimes, they add exclamation marks (!!!) and interrobangs (!?!?), which infers their unhappy mood.
To work well, one needs to defuse the situation and
1. be calm when communicating to client
2. be patient and non-judgemental when they vent their frustrations
3. employ gentle questioning to get context and understand the situation
4. be able to resolve the issues or offer options for moving forward

Communication is a two-way street.
First, understand.
Active empathetic listening is often the first step in calming the waters, allowing the client to be more receptive to suggestions and ideas.
Then, be understood.
Competence in your field, and diplomacy allows you to communicate well, and resolve the issues tactfully.

Don’t take things literally.
It leads one to make assumptions.
And you know what that makes you… a big banana


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