What’s an opinion worth?nnNot much, unless you’ve been ask…

What’s an opinion worth?

Not much, unless you’ve been asked for one.
Not much, unless you’re a stakeholder.
Not much, unless you’re a customer.

Twitter seems to be full of people with lots and lots of opinions, with a penchant for ‘trolling’ and engaging in ‘flamewars’.
Just for fun.

I have many opinions, but I mostly keep them to myself.
There are many things I know a lot about, and there are vaaaastly more things that I know even less about.

My experience and learnings from past mistakes might be worth something to someone going through something similar.

I know I haven’t always got the answer
And I know I am not always right.

But I am always willing to try and make mistakes.
And learn.
That’s where growth comes from.

If I can help just one person by sharing my mistakes, and the lessons I’ve extracted from it – then it would have been worth the embarrassment.

For example, how about the time I ‘accidentally’ deleted a bunch of data from the Production Server. 😳

Luckily I was able to recover from that potentially firable mistake without having to resort to restoring from tape drives.
I could not really get my head around the grandfather – father – son rotation schedule, so I was glad I did not have to resort to that.

ANY-way. The lesson is, never ever EVER touch production.
Not without testing it on a sandbox (though we didn’t have sandboxes then, not for the on-premise environments).

There you go.
You can learn from my mistake.
Which is far less painful, and embarrassing than getting into such a sticky stupid situation yourself.


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