“You’ve got two grads on your new team. Remember not to work…

“You’ve got two grads on your new team. Remember not to work them too hard. Treat them with kid gloves. Lots of praise. That sort of thing.”


I’ve had some experiences with the young generation entering the workforce, gen z or young millenials.

It has been a product of helicopter parenting, a pendulum swing from the slightly harsher style of the previous generation.

This means building resilience so that you can buffer the small things, and have the internal resources to push through the big obstacles.

If you’re new to the world of consulting, don’t shy away from hard work. Ask for feedback, and pay attention so that you can find a way to grow.

Yes, there are some unscrupulous consulting partners out there who might take advantage of your hardworking ethics, so:
– know your boundaries
– understand the sacrifices you want to make to achieve your goals

Many young people who are entering the workforce have been protected, and where they have not had the opportunity to deal with difficult situations which build character.

Regardless of upbringing, life lessons are timeless.
Know yourself – Who you are, what you want, what you like/dislike, what you will not stand for.

You do that by experimenting and exploring, and learning from the many glorious mistakes I hope you make.

When you get treated with kid gloves, you aren’t going to grow.
That’s what we want to be doing.
Growing a bit, every day.


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