What’s your super power, may not be mine, and vice versa.nE…

What’s your super power, may not be mine, and vice versa.
Everyone has strengths in different areas.

Growing up, I saw friends who excelled at piano, being invited for recitals and smashing exams with plethora of distinctions.
Others found pure maths easy; concepts just clicked for them.

For me, I found that grit and graft was my equalizer (of sorts).
I may not be as talented, but I sure as heck can probably out-work any of them.

“I am not afraid to die on that treadmill. I will not be outworked period.” Will Smith – one of the greatest quote out there.

The world of consulting isn’t an easy one, not when you compare that to working at an end-user environment.

Projects run back-to-back, and there is always pressure. Sometimes (if you’re good, and everybody wants you on their project), you may not have time to come up to breathe before the next one hits you.

It’s a really good career for those who thrive on hard work and know that it will pay off handsomely.
If you are resillient, and you know how to look after yourself, this line of work is something that will accelerate self growth and development in a way almost nothing else can compare (except perhaps in a startup environment).

If you are a new Salesforce consultant, you’re #laidoff or #lookingforwork
– have 1-2 years consulting experience
– have at least 2 certs including Sales cloud or Service Cloud
– based in the UK
– available for intensive 2 week training

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