Keeping promises is so important. nDo what you say you will…

Keeping promises is so important.
Do what you say you will do.

Extend this to aligning the internal with the external.
Intent, thoughts, words, deeds, they should all align.
That’s what integrity means.

This is also the basis for both personal and business relationships.

What You See Is What You Get.

No hidden agenda.
No games.

As a team, a business, an organisation, if you have this as your core, if you hire people that share the same core values, you will do things better, faster and more efficient.
Oftentimes, with a lot more fun.

In personal relationships, you get to experience joy with those you care about, sans drama and heartache.

Culture and value flows from the top.
As a Project Manager, I am able to set the tone every time I start a new project and get new team members.

Making respect, integrity, and kindness at the heart of our team operations mean that we can focus on external challenges.

We get our rush and excitement from the project, not in the inter personal relationships.

That’s it.
There’s no real secret in building high performing teams.

Respect, integrity and kindness.
Execute that well, and you will have a solid team that will outperform any metrics you care to apply.

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