“My job as a Project Manager is to schedule meetings and wor…

“My job as a Project Manager is to schedule meetings and workshops (maybe do the minutes), and get info from team members with regards to their task progress and crack the whip if they take too long!”


There’s a difference between being a Project Manager and a Project Administrator, and the confusion between the two different roles make for bad press.

We have as many jokes about useless Project Managers in our industry as there are Lawyer jokes.
Amusing, but sadly true – in many cases.

I have, in the past, defended and justified the work I do on a project, but it’s generally been on smaller accounts where clients view effort for the build or development of their system is the only thing worth paying for.

Developers and functional consultants should be able to manage the workload and deliver the goods, right?

Generally, yes.
If the project is nice and small, with just the one person working on it – then, it’s more than feasible that paying for a part time Project Manager might feel like over-kill.

In larger projects, the need for coordination, and management of multiple moving parts behind a landscape of people, politics, and technical challenges mean that investing in a Project Manager is definitely worth it.

My job is to remove obstacles, and help the team move quicker at getting to an outstanding end result.
I’m putting together practical training content aimed at Project Managers for Consulting Partners.
Let me know in the comments if this is something you might be interested in.

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