When a consulting partner is engaged to implement a software…

When a consulting partner is engaged to implement a software solution, we assume the client knows what they are doing.

“Doctor – I need new eyeballs*.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, I’ve been single too long. I think the problem will be fixed if I had purple eyeballs.”

We’ve been told that the client needs a shiny new Salesforce system.

I will assume that the client has done a business case and due diligence – asked the right questions and arrived at the right answer.

In many cases, this is not true; getting a new system will not fix their business problem.

Before jumping the gun, ask some open questions:
– Why do you think cosmetic surgery/new CRM system will fix your problem?
– What do you think the real problem might be?

Giving the right answer to the wrong question, is almost as bad as giving the wrong answer to the right question.

Those new purple eyeballs might not be necessary.
Implementing Sales Cloud may not improve your bottom line if your hiring practices are poor.

Ask the right question.

It will save a lot of money, and angst in the long run**.

* Replace example with any non-essential cosmetic surgery.
** I don’t get “angst-y” – I get paid even if you make the wrong decision! 😁


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