It’s been two weeks since the tragic high profile helicopter…

It’s been two weeks since the tragic high profile helicopter crash stunned the world.

The news has moved on. But the loss is still deeply raw to those closest around him.

I don’t follow basketball, but heard Kobe Bryant a few years ago on a podcast where he talked about how he handled stress and adversity and was blown away.

Like many others, it made me reflect on my own life. Brendon Burchard’s talk about the questions he thinks about every night.

Did I live?
Did I love?
Did I matter?

I love them.

Because they encapsulate what I believe how we should live our lives.

It’s great if you have a deep passion and a grand plan for how you want to change the world or become rich and famous.

Do that. Follow your dreams.

But don’t step on anyone along the way.

That’s because the meaning of our lives, is the sum of all the little things that happen, the people that we touch, the smiles and hugs that we share.

If your life is cut short and you’ve been waiting for your grand plan to unfold to make that difference in the world, you have lost.

You’ve lost all the opportunities to make a difference, to yourself, to others.

Make a difference today.
Because there might not be a tomorrow.


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