“Everyone, take off what you’re wearing on your right foot a…

“Everyone, take off what you’re wearing on your right foot and wave it at the webcam.”

Suddenly the faces on my screen were replaced with flapping sandals, trainers and even a foot with wiggly toes.

Laughter and giggles came through my headset as we played my team building activity with the whole project team, all dialing in from wherever in the world they happened to be at that moment.

I noticed that her smile was strained. Her normal effervescence was missing.

Later, I called and asked if she was OK.

“Yes, Pei.”

I knew it wasn’t true.

A few moments later, she opened up about her father, who was seriously ill with a failing heart. She needed to be near him, but had ran out of annual leave.

It was also company policy that the offshore team did not ‘do’ remote work.

She was one of the best developers on the team, quiet but incredibly competent and capable. I loved her because she was incredibly intuitive, with amazing technical skills.

I had to pull a lot of unofficial strings, but organised it with the offshore manager to get her supplied with a laptop so that she could work remotely. And spend time with dad.

Life is about being human.

Seek out opportunities to live a life that matters.


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