I pay attention to the small things.

I pay attention to the small things.
– the questions my lead consultant is asking
– the subtle body language of the room
– the energy in the air
– the vibe, the emotion, the buzz.

That’s how I know if a workshop is going well.

As a project manager I frequently get out of the way of the experts in my team to lead and facilitate the discussion.

But I pay attention.

A person who’s skilled in using a hammer might see everything as a nail to be whacked.

A person wedded to dogma might turn off her listening switch.

There may not be an obvious reason why a participant seem to be combative.

Different communication style might get in the way of working.

I will then step in with a word, or I will try to steer the discussion towards our goal. I may talk to my team member in private and alert them as to what I’ve observed, and gently suggest ways things might be improved.

It’s my job to remove obstacles, so everyone can do what they need to, to get the job done.

It isn’t hard.

And it begins with Listening.

If everyone properly, mindfully, consciously listened to each other, there would be fewer conflicts, and things would. Just. Be. Better.

* Was talking to @Rikke Hovgaard about this who encouraged me to share what I learned (thank you 😘).


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