When you’re in the midst of “go-live”

When you’re in the midst of “go-live”, the long hours, the blood, sweat and tears will be all worth it at the end.


This might be true if it is a life-saving, critical system you’re putting in, where every minute of delay, or issues – have devastating impact.

Lower down the scale, you might be replacing one that is being decommissioned imminently.
Or on a project where delays could incur huge monetary penalties due to legislation or other contractual factors.

Most of the time though, they are generally less impactful.
It could be a marketing system, or an opportunity management system, or a donor management system.

People aren’t going to _die_ if we are delayed.

Many Project Managers can be very hard on their project teams, and demand long hours, and sacrifice to get the project over the line.
This is not sustainable, especially for a Consulting Partner.

Back-to-back projects are the normal, and creating stressful, high-drama situations accelerate burn-out.

My best projects are boring (from a drama point of view), and predictable.
It can be exciting from a technological standpoint, and satisfying from a delivery aspect.

I think my team loves me because I keep the drama away, and make it “boring” for them. 😁
That’s so they can focus on the task at hand.

Perspective helps you stay grounded.


If you’re on a project from the Consulting Partner, you will know that projects can be intense, and you can be forgiving.


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