Detail or Big Picture?nnIdeally both.nThe ability to focu…

Detail or Big Picture?

Ideally both.
The ability to focus on the roots and the trees, and the biodiversity around that, and also to zoom right out to look at the forest.

I’ve found that those who only focus on the details, miss out on the Big Picture, about what really matters.

That is kind of ok, when you’re new, and you’re learning.
You need to know how to put the wheel on the car.
How and when to use a specific workflow (or field).
That’s because you’re learning, and you need to be told what to do until you get really good at it.

After that, you can lift your gaze and look around at what else you can do to make things better.

The visionaries who are born with a macro ‘Big Picture’ brain typically creates frustration for those in their team who are tasked with executing audacious plans, as they will probably be lacking in the detail of the “How”.

The outstanding Business Analysts and Testers (Quality Assurances) in my experience, are able to do both with ease.
Get right into the nitty gritty of details, but have a deep appreciation for the wider context which allows you to see patterns and make connections across seemingly disjointed pieces of information.

That can actually be applied to anyone.

I believe that’s what separates the Outstanding from the rest.
And that’s what I keep striving to be. 🦸‍♀️


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