Who am I, and what do I do?

Who am I, and what do I do?
If you’re a #Salesforce Partner looking to grow and develop your internal talent into high performing consulting team, then I made this clip for you.

I felt that it’s time for a re-introduction, seeing that my network connections have got bigger. It was also inspired by Deb Feder challenge yesterday. 😊

As a person who has spent my whole life in ‘Delivery’, I’ve not been great with the salesey side of things. I’ve been told that I have to tell people:
– who I am
– the talent problem in the Salesforce ecosystem
– how I can help

I do what I do, really well – and that is being a great Project Manager and leading a team to implement great software.
I am now trying to do something new, and it is uncomfortable – but absolutely necessary if I want to succeed.

Day 15 of #30daysofvideos challenge



Hi, my name is Pei and I help Salesforce partners grow and develop their own amazing high performing consulting teams.

Salesforce has committed to grow direct and indirect jobs by 4.2 million by 2024.

They’ve got an amazing elearning platform called Trailhead where anyone can learn a product. I’s addictive, it’s gamified.

There’s badges that celebrations every time you finish module, there are playground sandboxes, for you to test your knowledge in.

And so what this means is that there’s a lot of net new talent into the ecosystem, people who would never thought of a career in a technology industry are now learning the product and playing with it.

There are more and more people using the product. And more and more businesses are finding the benefits of using Salesforce.

I help partners help the new recruits and the new talent, learn not only to understand how the clients businesses work, but also to listen and to ask great questions, so that they know the right solutions to put in. There’s so many fun and exciting functionalities within the product.

And what ends that happen is that consultants will put in or implement the solution that they think is best, that’s the sexiest, that’s most fun to do.

And the most eye popping, most awe inspiring, rather than what produces long term business value. It might be just really good, incisive business reports, and boring bits. Sometimes boring bits are the most important bits.

So I developed a course structure that’s focused entirely on Salesforce consulting, and the process of Discovery.

The the activity that happens upfront, at the beginning of the project, where we sit down and we learn about the client, we listen, we ask great questions, we understand what they want, we document that, so that we can do what we do best, which is produce and implement great software for the client.

If we do the first part wrong, then the project is going to be very bumpy. And you might end up with a client who doesn’t love the product. And it is a really amazing product. I’ve seen some great things come out of it.

And I want to help Salesforce partners get to that kind of state so that you can do projects after projects that just really high quality, not only great projects in great software for the client, but also a very fun activity for your team.

And it’s got to be something that they enjoy.

I’ve been in this industry for 25 years. There’s not very many of my peers from the beginning that still in the game, purely because it can be highly stressed and it can burn you up.

But I’ve learned how to do this in a very fun manner that brings my team success time and time again.

And this is something out to help other Salesforce partners do as well. So I deliver my master classes that help Salesforce partners do this. And that’s a very short introduction about what I do.

Thank you very much and I hope you have an amazing day.

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