Not everyone likes Mother’s Day.

Not everyone likes Mother’s Day.

We all will have experiences that will shape our feelings from
– Love
– Happiness
– Gratitude
– Warmth

– Pain
– Loss
– Anger
– Regret
– Sadness

There are some women who give birth, and who do not live up to the loving, nurturing label of “Mother”. Perhaps because they don’t to understand what it means to be one.

This can have such profound impact on a child growing up, shaping their own thoughts about their worth and the notion of parenthood.

Sometimes the cycle repeats.
Sometimes it does not.

There are many who have primal yearning to be a Mother, but are cruelly denied.

How can it be so easy for some, to have one night stands and produce a beautiful child that is unloved and unwanted?

How can some “parents” be allowed to have children when they treat them with neglect and abuse?

It is a day that can bring pain to many.

We need to treat ourselves with love and kindness, regardless of the labels.

To all women out there, I celebrate you.
Today and every day.

We do not need Women’s Day.
We do not need Mother’s Day.
We do not need any External Validation Day to tell us how beautiful and amazing we all are.

You are Special.
Have a glorious day today, and celebrate yourself.

With much ❤️

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