QA & Dev should be separate

“It’s no fun testing a game; It’s like playing, but it’s not.
It’s trying to find all the glitches and then fixing them.”

Even my kids know the difference between a developer and a tester.

Good developers are skilled in finding creative ways to make things work, to solve real problems.
Good testers will try and find loopholes, and ways and means of breaking the system.

The few people I know who can do both well are amazing architects who can build robust solutions.

They are rare though, and you shouldn’t depend on your devs being able to “mark their own homework.”

That is why having a strong testers in the project team are crucial in any software implementation.
The problem is that testing is often seen as an after-thought.
Unfortunately that mindset will lead to systems that are sub-par, and problems after ‘go-live’ in production will be magnitudes more costly to fix.

My ex-housemate used to pack parachutes in his jump club, and would be extremely meticulous with the proper folding and testing of the straps.
“Because if you don’t test to make sure it’s done right… Splat.” 😣

Super graphic.
But he’s right.

Test properly.
You really don’t want to end up with a Splat.


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