Another little friend on my night shift

I’m about to start another nightshift at #Samaritans, and found that the littlest ninja has snuck yet another little friend to keep me company. 🥰

Usually I start on the emails first just so I can get my head into the zone; there will be plenty of time to get on the phones later tonight when the call volume picks up.

All emails come into a queue, and different volunteers from the various branches around the UK will pick up and respond to the latest message.

I read the email thread, and my heart bursts with pride and love for my fellow volunteers, my Samaritans family.

Each response is carefully crafted with compassion and empathy. Each word, each phrase is lovingly chosen with care.

Our callers reach out to us because they are in pain.

Sometimes the pain is new, wrenching and raw, with the devastating loss of loved ones.
Sometimes old pain resurfaces, cutting even deeper and bloodier.
And sometimes the pain and grief is so unbelievably horrific, that it’s like screaming into the abyss – with no one around to hear.

But we hear.
We ARE here.
For you.
To listen.
To be with you.

All of us are very diverse in culture, background, colour, creed, and race but underneath it all – we really truly only belong to one race.

The human race.

So please please please #BeKind

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