10,000 hours for Mastery feels like an epic impossibility

10,000 hours for Mastery feels like an epic impossibility sometimes.

I’ve always had fantasies about having the ability to plug something directly into my brain and downloading anything I wanted to learn or to know.

I mean, I could be a Master gymnast/fencing champion /chef /baker /astronaut /superhero /sorceress mermaid by now!

This sci-fi idea has been explored in Johnny Mnemonic and the Matrix, as well as in Demolition Man (how about some knitting lessons?)

#Microsoft made learning their products very challenging for partners and customers alike.
The only real option was to pay up for an expensive on-site course and muddle through.

#Salesforce made learning their products super fun and addictive, with the gaming elearning platform called Trailhead, which is populated with a good mix of business and technical topics based on acquiring product knowledge.

MS missed a trick there, and I think they will find it quite tough to catch up.

What’s your most effective style of learning?

Day 13 of #30daysofvideos challenge.


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