“Your new best friend.”nThat’s what I tell all the new cons…

“Your new best friend.”
That’s what I tell all the new consulting hires.

You must appreciate your Resource Manager.
It’s their job to make sure you’re in a project, so it pays to nurture that relationship.
– Treat them well, and do what they ask, especially around occupational compliance.
– Fill your timesheets on time.
– Book holidays / training in advance if possible (give plenty of notice if you need to cancel / postpone).
– If sick, KEEP EVERYONE IN THE LOOP – Project Manager, Reviewer / Home Manager (the ‘line manager’ in the Consulting world), and your Resource Manager.

In Consulting – you will have to accept that there will be amazingly exciting fun projects, and then there will be those “character-building” ones.

Of course, the latter type can really be instrumental in accelerating your learning curve, but which may not be an enjoyable or easy experience.

If you are able to provide proper documentation and leave the project in a stable position, then it may be possible that your Resource Manager can find someone to rotate in and pick up the job.

You can also keep your eye out for the next interesting role, and give a little nudge.

“Please, B. I just heard that we closed the XYZ deal, and the head office is based near my kid’s school. Any chance you put me on that so I can do the drop off and roll straight into client site??”

Cue much eye batting.

If you’ve been one of the few who have understood the challenges of her role, and who have afforded her kindness of spirit with donuts 🍩 and biscuits when the going gets tough, you can be sure she’ll find a way to put on on _that_ project, if she is able to.

Just appreciate your Resource Manager.
She’s got a tough job, and having kind people not yell at her makes her life a lot better.

#LoveYourResourceManager. 💓

It’s a hard, thankless job, and I am _SO_ glad that I don’t do it.

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