Being a Resource Manager must be one of the hardest job I ca…

Being a Resource Manager must be one of the hardest job I can think of, in the Consulting industry.

No matter how good you are, you will never make everyone happy.

Your job is to try and fit the right resource to the right project, based on skill, experience and capability.

However, you’ll have to juggle everyone’s demands, from sales team (who want named resources to tell the client), to project/programme managers who want to hold on, or ‘tag’ their favourite resource for their next project before the Statement of Work has been signed.

You also need to make sure that your consultant is happy in their current assignment, and if they are not – you need to engineer a way to rotate and move in a resource of equal competence, so that they can move on and progress (and don’t burn out).

In addition to that, you’ll have to maximise bottom line by ensuring that bench time is limited, and everyone is booked on a billable project.

All this, while making sure everyone adheres to booking their holidays and trainings in advance, so that your revenue forecast is as accurate as can be.
Because your bonus depends on it.

Phew – those are impossible and sometimes mutually exclusive tasks that guarantees almost no job-satisfaction.. and I think that it takes an amazing person to be able to do it all, and keep smiling.

I have my favourite resource managers, and they know they have a special place in my heart. 🥰

We are all members of the human race, and it pays to #bekind.
#LoveYourResourceManager. 💓
You’ll find that it pays dividends.


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