2020 has been utterly crap for so many people.nJob losses, …

2020 has been utterly crap for so many people.
Job losses, financial insecurity, illness, death.

There are so many LinkedIn posts of people being very vulnerable, and asking for help.
Not a handout, but a helping hand.

I am able to provide a helping hand.
If you are #laidoff or #opentowork, and you would like to enrol in a series of masterclasses in December on The Art of being an Excellent Salesforce Consultant, DM me.

I am doing all of that for free.
These live classes are immersive, and intensive.
They are fun and lively and interactive.

Based on over 25 years in the consulting industry – I aim bring to life what it means to be an outstanding CRM consultant and deliver excellent projects.

The response has been mind blowing – I already have people in the Salesforce ecosystem from New York, Melbourne and India reaching out to me, and it feels great to be able to help people from the other side of the planet.

#Joinme in giving the big Foxtrot Uniform to 2020, and building skills for a great life next year.

Link to further details in the comments.


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