Vagueness is a salesman’s friend

“Vagueness is a salesman’s friend.” D, who heads up Delivery at a Salesforce platinum partner said to me today.

This is because it allows them to make wooly promises so that they can get that signature and hand the problem over to delivery to resolve.

This mindset sets you up to fail, especially when client expectation may not match what they will actually get.

That is why the one thing I continuously emphasise, again and again, is the importance of clarity in all forms of communication – verbal and written.
This includes emails, texts messages, documentation, process maps, requirements, as well as verbal delivery in calls and meetings – everything.

When you’re vague – you don’t have to confront the uncomfortable and sometimes awkwardness of the reality of getting stuff to work.

You don’t have to face the customer who is expecting a moon on a stick to be happy when they get babybel on a toothpick (because that’s what you promised, and that’s what they’ve paid for.) 😬

Be clear, and set expectations right.

That’s the only real way to set up a project for success, and a more enjoyable experience for everyone concerned.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been thrown into senseless ‘character-building’ projects due to fluffy words that hasn’t got any substance behind it.

We don’t like fluff.
Unless it’s a fluffy pancake. 😋 I like that kind of fluff.


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