In Dec, I am giving away 12 courses on The Art of being an E…

In Dec, I am giving away 12 courses on The Art of being an Excellent Salesforce Consultant (all sessions from 2-5pm GMT):

1. The Consulting Engagement & Delivery (1-2nd Dec)
2. Running & Facilitating Effective Workshops (3-4th)
3. Requirements Gathering – Process Mapping & Design (8-9th)
4. Documenting Requirements & Delivering Presentations (10-11th)
5. Delivering Powerful Presentations (14th)
6. Core Skills for Consultants (15th)
7. High Performance Habits (16th)
8. Effective Communication (17th)
9. Managing Clients & Stakeholders (18th)
10. Managing Change, Resistance & Conflict (21st)
11. High Performing Teams (22nd)
12. Security Compliance in Projects & Delivery (23rd)

3 ways to enrol:
1. If you are out of work, DM me, and I’ll let you know how to pick up a no-charge PayItForward ticket,
2. You can make a donation to Samaritans (DM me for a link)
3. Get your company to Pay for your training (hey I still have bills of my own 😬)

No restrictions.
This is open to everybody, anywhere on the planet.

Don’t just comment “I’m interested.”
Make the effort to DM me and tell me why you want to be on the course.

I’m doing a Karmic run and giving a middle finger to 2020.

Link to further details in the comments.


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