It’s ok for relationships and friendships to be temporary an…

It’s ok for relationships and friendships to be temporary and transient.

If we’re lucky, we meet that person who just gets us, and who accepts us as we are, making us feel lucky, whole, complete.
Those stay for life.

Then there are those who touches you fleetingly, but leave a very deep impression (both good and bad).

There was this one director who led with so much compassion, on one of my very first projects that I had handled so very badly.

I did not set expectations properly with the customer; my team was as green as I was, and the product was also very new (MS Dynamics CRM at that time was … also very green).

I could have been fired, especially when he called me into a meeting with many other senior managers, including my boss.

I feared the worst, but what happened was a lesson in empathic leadership in action.

He listened to what I had to say, and then instead of firing me, turned to the other managers and directed them to assist!
He concluded that the brand new team did not have enough support, and we had some issues that needed to be addressed – as a team.

No one blamed me, or my team.
We just resolved that issue, moved on – and became so much stronger.

With that one simple act, he had showed us what amazing leaders do.

In the process, he cemented our loyalty.
… without resorting to Krispy Kremes. 🍩

Now that is superpower!


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