Sun Tzu Art of War.nnI’ve read it before, but it didn’t re…

Sun Tzu Art of War.

I’ve read it before, but it didn’t resonate.
My world is one of teamwork and collaboration, and the only competition in play was one with yourself – how to be a better you than you were yesterday.

However, my conversation with Rocio yesterday brought it to life – in her world of sales and marketing where you have to win the deal – to anticipate the actions of your competitors, to feel the mood of your prospect, and to get them right – leads to closing that opportunity as “won”.

Everyone views life through their own framework.
If your view is “My life is an exciting game where I get to dance with the competition to nab that prize” – you will be pumped up.

Other ways to view life:
“My life is a fascinating adventure of learning – what’s around the corner for me to learn?”
“My life is about getting teams to work towards the ultimate goal – that’s what gives me my buzz.”

If you wake up, and you think, “My life is drudgery.” – you will not want to get out of bed.

It’s ok to have different ‘frameworks’ of life, as long as it serves you.

Rocio smashes her role, as she’s passionate about the technology, the customer experience, and most of all – integrity when dealing with the customer.

However, her framework doesn’t sit well for me in my capacity within Delivery, where collaboration works better than competition.

Systems thinking says that the world works better when the different frameworks are in the right place to be leveraged by the other parts of the system.

What’s your framework of life?


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