Pet peeve – bad subject lines!nnI swear I spend half my ti…

Pet peeve – bad subject lines!

I swear I spend half my time ‘tidying’ up subject lines because the email thread/conversation has meandered from the original topic.

Coaching my team to write succinct subject lines that summarises the topic at hand, and update them whenever conversations move on seem to be an ongoing activity.

Some bad subject lines:
Re: Re: Re: Re: SQL Server
Re: Re: Request more Governer limits??
Re: Re: HELP!!

In small/medium sized partners where you might be working on more than one client at a time, it makes sense to precede the subject line with customer/project name (not necessary for larger consultancies where you might be on the same project/customer for years!)

Some good subject lines:
[Client x] data migration issues – update on 5/5
[project abc] Integration issue, next steps
[Client z] Go/No-Go issue

If the topic changes, then I will update the subject line:
[Client JJJ] Timesheet report and reconciliation, was Re: Re: Re: Invoice Dispute

This little trick saves so much time and energy – searching, filtering, and finding emails.

When the email subject is on point, you help the reader focus their attention on the right things.

I get a little buzz of excitement when I see an email with a great subject line; unless it’s a spammer. Then I get all deflated, like when I bite into a Krispy Kreme 🍩 and there’s a big airhole in there.

Just… criminal. 😫

Bad subject lines = Illegal airholes in Donuts.
They should not be allowed to exist.


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