Sooner or later, short term thinking leads to pain. nnIf y…

Sooner or later, short term thinking leads to pain.

If you are only keen on closing that deal without spending the time to find out the real customer needs, then delivery will suffer.

Client may not renew their licenses, but that’s ok because you may have moved onto another customer by then.

In a SAAS world where services are provided ‘on tap’ – licenses mean everything. ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) is king.

Making sure that your existing customer is _happy_ means you don’t have to go out hunting for a new one. And it’s cheaper too.

Practice long term thinking.
Practice #systemsthinking.

Understand how systems work, and how actions taken can impact the results seen over time.

Everything is a system, and there are systems within systems – all interconnected in ways that may not be obvious.

I am a HUGE fan of systems thinking, and I interweave the concept in everything I do and teach.

My Consulting delivery masterclasses in December will cover all the soft skills topics that a CRM consultant will need to know about delivering high quality projects, including business analysis skills and communication skills.

This is open to everyone who is #laidoff or #opentowork who are considering joining the Salesforce or Microsoft CE consulting industry. DM me for more information.

Link to further details in the comments.


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