Agency.nThe control you have over your life, your work, you…

The control you have over your life, your work, your circumstance.

There is a difference between what control you think you have, versus what you _actually_ have, and therein lies the problem.

I believe that those who are resillient to much of life’s curveballs are very clear on where their circle of influence lies – and they are better able to focus on what they can, instead of what they cannot.

Project Management is an art, and my job is to manage the things within our control, and to pay attention to the risks of uncertainties and anything else that is outside of that control.

We may have a situation with a big mountain of Uncertainties like Brexit and Covid, and impact on business – but we haven’t the funds to feasibly plan for various possible scenarios.

What we can do is to look at our resources (budget, people, energy, time…) and review the options, along with their probability or likelihood of happening and planning accordingly.

This is a framework that I use in my personal life too – and it makes for easier decision making. Planning family, where to move to, what school to choose, next step in my career.

To have the serenity to accept things I cannot change.
To have the courage to change what I can.
And the wisdom to know the difference.

For many who are finding life tough, there is a crushing sense that their circle of influence and control is shrinking.
Sometimes emotions tend to blur our perception, and it may help to ground yourself, or speak to someone who may be able to help us gain perspective.

Call Samaritans 116 123.

Unless you have a brain of a Project Manager.
Unfortunately the logical side of us isn’t very compatible with spontaneous flights of adventure and whimsy…. which is why the best of us is boring, stable, and safe. 😁


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