3rd time.. hopefully not a Charm..

So I’ve been suspended from #LinkedIn for the 3rd time within the last two weeks.
I swear it won’t be long before I’ll be hoofed off this platform without ever knowing why.

I have
– up to date anti-virus & malware protection
– 2FA set up
– changed password & checked active sessions
– no bots or 3rd party app connected to LinkedIn (except SHIELD) that I know of, that is creating “abnormal traffic” or “unusual activities”.

No real help from LinkedIn support.
Perhaps it’s because I provided abysmal report for their customer satisfaction survey from our last interaction. 🤷🏻‍♀️

James Allen posted a light hearted post to free me from jail the other day which got some views, but other than that – I don’t know what’s going to stop whats happening.

There are a few ways to stay connected with me – links in the comment.
I’ve been far more active on LInkedIn than the other platforms, but this is going to change now.

I was a bit miffed when this all kicked off last week, but I recognise that I’m too small a fish for the BigCompany to care about whatever’s happening with me; especially since I am not a big revenue earner or anyone with influence.

I now get an idea of how the Mr T felt when Twitter banned his account 😓 and I’m not even accused of “Incitement of Insurrection”!

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