Insightful Questions and Active Listening

As a Consulting Partner, asking insightful questions, and listening carefully, will help you understand requirements when it comes to building software like Salesforce.

Managing expectations well is the key in managing scope creep.

Written communication is so crucial here, to share with the customer what we believe they’ve told us, and to clearly communicate the proposed solution in enough detail that they are able to ‘see’ what we are trying to say.

What is in, or out of scope depends on budget and resources.
This needs to be clearly articulated.

Writing great requirements: user stories, solution documents and working through a Statement of Work with the client to agree clear scope is an art.

As you can see, strong communication is absolutely critical here.
The ability to listen, understand and sythesize information, and to communicate back with such clarity that all parties are “on the same page” will set up a project for success.

That’s why I developed the Consulting Masterclasses focused on the Discovery stage, which is so important for #SalesforcePartners to get this right.

Not managing this area well will result in issues: disputes that sometimes lead to legal action, but more often than not, it just means that the Partners are required to re-work or rectify ‘misunderstandings’ at their cost.
I’ve seen how projects very quickly become loss-making endeavours, simply because requirements and expectations were not set correctly in the beginning.

Listen well, and pay attention.
Then communicate the scope boundaries.

Otherwise, you might as well volunteer to mud wrestle with a porcupine 😣



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