Migrating LinkedIn posts to WordPress part 1

So I spent the last two days, reliving my ‘techie’ days attempting to import all my writings for the last year that I’ve posted on LinkedIn into my wordpress blog.

Just in case I get ejected from LinkedIn (for no reason)

What’s happening is a great reminder in Disasater Recovery (DR), which nobody thinks about until something threatens security of your safe bubble.

– You’re forgetful about leaving keys in the door until you get burgled.
– You’re careless about putting your helmet on while roller blading until you make an ungraceful splat
– You’re cavalier about data backups until the floppy disk your thesis lived on becomes corrupt.

For a lot of people, this lesson isn’t learned until you’ve made a painful painful mistake.
Mine happened during my university days (see bullet #3 above).

As a data nerd and an ex-DBA, I now have multiple redundancies of my data on different devices and also separate cloud locations.
Of course, the most important data I have are my family photos and videos, that are totally irreplaceable.
I can lose my house, my car, all my material possessions but, losing these precious memories are unthinkable.

And so, I plan, and make sure that I have backups, and backups of backups. With version control.

A bit of planning ensures that we have piece of mind.


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