66 days to create a habit

66 days.
Apparently it takes an average of 66 days for a behaviour to become automatic.
Like going to the gym.
Or drinking water.
Or being kinder to yourself.

I took up 30 days of video for a few reasons.
I wanted to
– become comfortable in front of the camera and hearing my own voice.
– be able to be more confident and polished when speaking about topics I really like, off the cuff
– make sure I am engaging when delivering my Consulting Masterclasses

I also decided that all videos would be captioned, with the full transcription provided in the comments for busy people as I wanted to provide different ways for people to consume my content.

I have one more video before I reach 30.

… which was meant to be today, but I didn’t get around to doing itbecause I woke up a little late this morning and the kids are off school for Easter and I haven’t had a moment’s peace yet 😊

I’ll put the 30th one out tomorrow, but haven’t yet decided if this will continue to be a daily thing.

Now that I haven’t got SHIELD anymore, I cannot really tell if it has got more engagement/views than plain text.

I reckon that people might have got tired of having my talking head in their feed so often.

What do you think?


ps: Please don’t let 🍩 be more popular than me 🙏

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