We sabotage ourselves all the time

We sabotage ourselves all the time.
We think we aren’t good enough, or smart enough to be in the same room as the “other smart people”.

A few of us are imbued with confidence that doesn’t get knocked easily.
However, most of us second guess ourselves constantly and are hesitant to step up.

Women feel this keenly, mainly because we have been provided the biological means to carry our next generation and therefore been expected to be the primary caregiver.

That any progression up the career ladder into the boardroom is (we feel) viewed with slightly suspicious eyes.

We should stand up more, and shut down the first “attacker” – that inner critic who has taken the voices of those in our lives that have talked down to us and told us we weren’t enough.

This affects men too, by the way.
Those who have suffered from low self esteem feel it more sharply, as men may not meet society’s expectations to be an alpha.

All of us will have internalised those voices that guide our feelings, thoughts and actions as we navigate through life.

Some of these voices are kind and nurturing, and some are just plain mean.

Stomp out the jerks.
You don’t need them in your life.

Doodle pays tribute to Gary Larson – did you get it?
Husband does not. 🙄


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