Consulting Partners – size differences

Today’s video is for both #Salesforce or other #CRM job seekers and Consulting Partners, and is a response to the excellent article posted by Maurizio Gioffrè about how the partners can reduce attrition.

It’s all about managing expectations.
On both sides.

Job seekers need to understand what the different types and size of partners can offer them.

Consulting Partners need to understand that unless they are big enough to provide an exciting career path and depth/breadth of projects in its complexity, along with strong support for mental health and wellbeing of their employees, they cannot expect to attract and retain great people for a long time.

I always compare this to finding a romantic partner.
Perhaps you only want a FWB.
Perhaps you love the dancing, wining and dining, but not the kids, dog and house.
Perhaps you are into polyamory and a happy ever after.

All the above can be happy, amazing, harmonious relationships.
IF the partner(s) is/are right the right one(s), and have the right expectations.

The really key thing here is to make sure that ALL parties are honest about what they can offer, and what they can accept.

Longer (15 min) youtube response in the comments.


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