If I’m insecure, I can get needy

If I’m insecure, I can get needy.
Gimme the likes.
The follows.
The validation that tells me how UTTERLY AMAZING I am.

When we’re in unfamiliar territory, such as moving to a new country, starting a new role, getting that first job – we are nervous.
Because we don’t know enough yet.
We are so green.
This insecurity is easily overcome with enough support, experience over time, and maturity.

So when you get a young graduate, or a new hire on your team, be kind and give enough support so that they feel safe enough in their new world to be big and bold in solving problems.

Remember how it was when you were new?
Hopefully you had someone there to guide you.

There are those whose insecurity runs much deeper, and pats on the back, awards, and promotion will never be enough to fill that hole.

This may require the help of a professional.
Or a pet.
Preferably a fluffy one.


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