Fire is a double edged sword

Fire is a double edged sword.
Or something…

We can talk about the fire in your belly, the hunger for bigger, better, bolder things.
More. More. MORE!

You can ignite passion, inspiration, enlightenment.

This fire is a good thing.
Keep it going, and keep it strong as it will light the way when darkness falls.
And it will.
Just like the cycle of life and the turning of days into nights and back again.
This fire will pull you through.

Then there’s the other type of fire.
Messy messy messes, that are caused by so many things that isn’t in harmony.
Misalignment in expectations.
Mishandling and missteps.
All in all, bad mojo abounds.

We don’t like this type of fire.
There are some super heroes that specialise in putting these out, but they shouldn’t have been started in the first place.

We want good mojo fires, not the bad mojo type.
If it’s a small fire, get your pet dog to pee on it.
If it’s a big fire, get an elephant that’s had as much to drink as an expectant mum right before she goes for an ultrasound.

And that, dear readers, endeth my whimsical post on fires for tonight.


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