Are humans like zombies?

How are humans and organisations like zombies?
No, we don’t eat brains.

We can however, get to a point where our operation is akin to a mindless trundling existence.

Humans and organisations are similar in how we accumulate habits and behaviours ‘accidentally’, burning them into our psyche without mindful thought.

After awhile, we find out that our mode of operation has been riddled with bad decisions, resulting in less than ideal outcomes, perpetuating behaviours and beliefs that leads to a vicious cycle.

Introspection and self-awareness is so key, and it is the very first step to making lasting change.
The thing is to listen, and to pay attention to our internal dialogue, and ask gentle questions about why we do the things we do, without being judgemental about it.

As #CRM Consultants for #Salesforce or #MicrosoftDynamics365, this is part of our job.

The Business Analaysis part of our role is to understand client’s operations, why they do the things they do and help them become more self aware so that we can jointly design a future state that is better, and more exciting.

We need to be more mindful in everything we do.
Although you can leave out the brain eating bit.
🍩 are way more yum!


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