Being realistic in sales…

It is inevitable that sales can sometimes paint a picture that is a little too beautiful, too bright and too magnificent when compared to reality.

Maybe, like in Dilbert, if engineers and service delivery team are sent out to sell, the company would be bankrupt.

We tend to be too “realistic” and could be too candid for a role that requires us to get a potential customer so excited about our product that they want to shower us with money.

Perhaps there’s a happy medium.

I’d prefer to tell the clients the truth about things, in a charming persuasive manner of course. Even then, sales is rarely very keen to have me involved in pre-sales stage.

Luckily I’ve been fortunate enough to develop close rapport with them, and ensured that our sales meetings have had a happy balance of magical “could be” and down-to-earth “the radical candour situation”.

I doubt #salesforce would still integrate with Tinder and Uber to provide Soulmates on Delivery though.. 😁


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