“Are you saying I am going to get 3 weeks of FREE training, …

“Are you saying I am going to get 3 weeks of FREE training, and you’re going to get me a job, and I don’t have to pay anything?”
(Are you bonkers?)

Yes, to both.

So many asked the same question when I posted about the free Consulting Masterclass training.

Yes, I will be earning my fee off the hiring company, IF they get a job there.

No, the candidates don’t have to pay me anything. Ever. For this service.

Yes, they can abscond after the training with all that knowledge and get a job on their own (and so I will lose out on any fee here 😢)

No, I won’t get them to sign a bond or a contract before, during or after the training.

Yes, maybe it’s a dumb thing to do to put in so much effort and time, and get nothing back, but it feels like the right thing to do.

I am:
– helping to upskill people who have been laid off
– (hopefully) getting a financial recompense when I place them
– making a good match between candidate skills/experience/level against an open vacancy and cultural fit

Next free course begins Monday 24 August.

DM me if you want to enrol, and are currently a #laidoff or #openforwork #salesforceadmins #awesomeadmins, you have 2 Salesforce Certifications and you’re based in the UK.

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