Being totally comfortable and secure in knowing who you are,…

Being totally comfortable and secure in knowing who you are, is such an under-rated super power.

No one can hurt you if you don’t give a flying frog what other people think.

People who thrive on ‘likes’, on what others think about them, will constantly be chasing the next big thing in the never-ending popularity contest.

Those who don’t, generally focus on more important things – putting in the graft to learn and master a skill or to work on themselves. This lays the foundation for them to build on to get better and stronger – which is a lifetime pursuit that is oftentimes un-sexy, and require yeras of patience and grit.

I find such people to be more introspective, and more immune to negative criticism and spurious accusations.

It’s likely that these people were brought up in a loving environment that is consistent and safe, where strong principles are instilled.

There are many who are not that lucky, and unkind childhood can fracture the sense of self, sowing seeds of distrust in others.
This drives the behaviour that seek out approval and validation, and can be constantly vulnerable to external judgement.

This makes for an unhappy existence.

The only way out of the vicious cycle is to recognise that you can only affect what’s in your circle of influence, which is who you are and how you respond to external challenges.

You can listen to external feedback, evaluate, and then accept or discard, based on its value to you and your growth.
Not how you feel.

Work on yourself.
Because you sure as hell can’t work on anybody else. 🌻


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