One of the key qualities of a highly competent consultant is…

One of the key qualities of a highly competent consultant is self-awareness.
It’s the ability to
– listen and accept critical feedback
– empathize and understand things from different perspective
– read social cues and alter communication style

These are important skills, for everyone.

Sometimes though, we come across individuals who are truly not self-aware, as well as those who are aware-don’t-care.
We are talking about the former.

In order for me, as a Project Manager to address this situation, I make sure that my team trusts me implicitly to have their best interest at heart, and that I do not have any hidden agenda behind my actions.

I do this by consistently providing a safe space for my team to talk, discuss, share problems and ideas, and help create trust within the team dynamics.

With this approach, I have been more successful than most in helping the un-self-aware be more aware.

Regardless, there remain a few who resolutely refuse to listen, even though the same feedback may come from many people (and therefore, isn’t because _I_ have a personal vendetta against them).

Change for the better only comes with self-awareness.
Without it, you’re stuck where you are.
Begin with an open mind, and understand that the feedback may come from the right place.

And that’s the only way to grow. 🌻


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