There’s no real substitute for practical real life experienc…

There’s no real substitute for practical real life experience.
On my last consulting course – we were doing a session on ‘Active Listening’.

While everyone knew what it was, and could list out the qualities necessary, e.g. Don’t
– interrupt/contradict with other person is speaking
– formulate answer to jump in with your point of view
– try to solve their problem because you know better
– judge them for being vulnerable and sharing their thoughts/feelings

… they mostly flew out the window when we did an actual role play.

As consultants, we are frequently viewed with suspicion, as we might be the harbinger of doom (“Whaat? The new CRM has brought _efficiencies_ and my job is now redundant!?”)

Workshops and interviews can become a little challenging.
If there is no culture of transparency or trust in a company, any change will not be viewed positively, and we will need to expect that workshop interactions may get a little tense.

Conversations may get defensive, and if you don’t begin with an open, active listening position, then situation is likely to escalate.

That’s why it’s always good to practice what you learn.
Don’t let that knowledge just sit in your brain.
Use it.
Otherwise it will rot like a zombie brain 🤮


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