Critical thinking is a key skill for anyone.nMore so if you…

Critical thinking is a key skill for anyone.
More so if you are a software consultant.

The ability to:
– ask the right questions
– listen well
– get to the bottom of issues, quickly and tactfully
… is a type of super power.

Not taking things at face value.
Not assuming the first thing you hear is the right answer.

Question. (Gently)

“I didn’t know” is an acceptable answer for a child, or someone who is inexperienced.
When you’re a Salesforce or Microsoft consultant, then it is not.

There is no real excuse for not exercising critical thinking, a skill that’s right up there with good judgement and common sense in terms of cutting through noise and seeing the true picture.

Learn and practice this skill.
I believe that it’s the one thing that really separates the awesome from the average.

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