Does size of Salesforce Partner matter?

Does size matter? 👀
I like the big ones, I like the small ones, and those in between. 😁

Of course I am talking about the size of the Consulting Partners to work for!
(Get your mind out of the gutter.)

I’ve been in a two-man band (with lovely Husband) when we registered our little Microsoft Partner company over two decades ago.
I’ve worked in medium (boutique) partners, right up to GSI (Global System Integrator) sized partners.
I’ve been in companies that have disappeared, and those that have been swallowed up.
There were so much learning in every single experience.

So the cheeky answer to the question above – It depends.
It depends on:
– what you enjoy doing
– where you are in your life
– what you are hungry to learn

Just like finding the right partner:
You may think you like the romantic bearded bad boy who speaks 3 languages, but then find out he clips his toenails in bed and thinks women should stay in the kitchen.

If you’re not sure what fits you yet – then it really doesn’t matter.

Good judgement comes from experience.
Experience comes from mistakes.
Mistakes come from bad judgement.

Just get stuck in, and gain the experience.

Day 11 of my #30daysofvideos challenge.


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